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Aeon Spaces – Prime Home Construction Company in Gurgaon

Aeon Spaces, located in Gurgaon, is a leading home construction company in Gurgaon that builds exclusive projects. The company is known for its commitment towards construction of world-class residential, commercial, retail and institutional projects in Gurgaon. Building homes that are not just beautiful but also energy efficient, durable and long lasting. We at Prime Home construct homes with utmost care and deliver them to the client in a timely manner.

Our team takes charge of the entire fluid process – from design to construction. We have 10 years of experience in delivering world-class solutions. The result? Smooth execution before, during and after completion. Our in-house team of construction experts, interior design experts and architects provides you with a complete hassle-free experience from the beginning till end. With our services, you can be sure to get the best in class quality and timely delivery of your dream project.

With Aeon Spaces, your dream home will be exactly what you need it to be. You won’t have to worry about paying higher than expected prices or receiving a subpar quality that doesn’t meet your specifications and standards. We are firm believers in the fact that no one should make unbounded assumptions about a product or service. We try our best to give clarity to everything we do and as many details as possible regarding what we create, which is why there are no hidden charges attached to any of our products. We want every single detail about anything that we create to be out in the open ― crystal clear!

We offer quotes that are tailored to your needs. Unlike the rigid pricing models, we understand your frustration. With us, you can select whichever plan that works best for you. Your project will actually be done for a price only when you are ready to move forward with it and you won’t have to worry about exceeding budget because we realize how important it is to keep these things in mind when seeking innovative solutions so take advantage of our novel business strategy today! We guarantee you’ll get the best deal for your money. We’re committed to creating quality work without the hassle of overcharging or delivering homes that do not meet your expectations.

With us, you will always have access to the professional guidance that you need throughout your entire process—whether that means visiting the site and choosing from a sample range of finishes or working with one of our in-house architects to design a specific project. It is incredibly important when starting any sort of project – be it building a new house or just purchasing furniture – to have trusted professionals managing every step because mistakes are time consuming and expensive to fix! With in-house architects overseeing all projects and construction companies guaranteeing on-schedule delivery, we manage everything from conception to completion; working with you every step of the way to ensure that things run smoothly while completing each applicable task as required by schedule.

We prioritize high quality and our goal is to exceed the clients’ expectations. One way we do this is by hiring independent structural engineers who are experts in their field and respect industry standards. We’ve done this because we believe that as a contractor, your reputation outlasts a project’s completion date. Our structural engineers thoroughly inspect structural integrity whenever they’re hired on a project to ensure that both parties come up with a plan moving forward together.

At Aeon Spaces, you can expect the best from us. We’re transparent with our delivery and familiarize ourselves intimately with your personal goals so we can get to know exactly what you are looking for in a home and tailor our designs around that specific need! We strive to be the best home construction companies of India by maintaining strategic partnerships with our fantastic clients such as yourself and working closely together in order for your goals to be reached. We aim to deliver the finest finished products for our customers and provide the highest quality of expert craftsmanship in every aspect of their project.


Aeon Spaces is one of the best home construction company in Gurgaon. With 10 years of experience, we know how to create your dream home, no matter which design you want. We are a team of expert professionals using the latest technology and advanced machinery to deliver the best quality of construction services. You can rely on us for the best home construction services in Gurgaon. We provide a wide range of services, from custom home building to home decoration.


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