Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

What is Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and importance of it?

Floor area ratio (FAR) is the total floor area of a building divided by the size of the plot or parcel of land on which it stands. FAR is usually…

Vastu Home

Importance of Vastu at the time of Home Designing

Initially presented for use in the construction of temples, the wisdom of Vaastu has achieved widespread popularity over time and is now commonly used within homes and other buildings. After…

Home Construction Company in Gurgaon

Aeon Spaces – Prime Home Construction Company in Gurgaon

Aeon Spaces, located in Gurgaon, is a leading home construction company in Gurgaon that builds exclusive projects. The company is known for its commitment towards construction of world-class residential, commercial,…

home automation in india

What dominates the Indian home automation market?

Home automation in India has historically meant video door phones, surveillance CCTV cameras and various lighting controls, and living room community lighting controls. In recent years, there has been a…

Smart Homes
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SMART HOMES: “The New Normal in Housing Sector”

In pre – COVID times, the global demand for smart homes was projected to hit $53.45bn by 2022. And in India a double increase was planned, from $3 billion in…

Home Office Space


None of us would have foreseen a day when almost the whole world is trying to stay indoors and avoid contact with each other. The deadly Coronavirus outbreak has forever…